Cctv shows 'poisoned' Russian spy and his daughter' Daily

He also said there was not enough evidence to point fingers in any direction.'There are lots of former security officers that deserted to the West,' he said urging caution until more is known 'It is necessary to balance this information.' He told the Guardian it would be the 'worst possible time' for such a move shortly before a election due on March 18 But Keir Giles the director of the Conflict Studies Research Center in Cambridge said he 'would be surprised if this were not linked back to Russia in some direct way.' Relations between Britain and Russia have been strained since the murder of ex-KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2006 a killing which a judge said was probably approved by President Vladimir defector died after two agents slipped radioactive polonium 210 into his tea pot at a Mayfair hotel in central London according to an inquiry headed by former high court judge Sir Robert inquiry found two men - Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitri Kovtun - had deliberately Litvinenko by putting polonium-210 into his drink at a London hotel leading to an agonising death. Published by Associated Newspapers Ltd Part of the Daily Mail The Mail on Sunday & Metro. Ms Abbott's intervention came as the Government remained tight lipped about the circumstances surrounding Lewis the chairman of the Commons defence committee told MailOnline: 'If a second former has been targeted in the UK after the reckless use of polonium to kill Mr Litvinenko it shows that the Kremlin has not the slightest interest in a positive relationship with the West and has learned nothing from the outrage caused by its previous public act of murder.' A still from footage of Mr Skripal ing for Britain which was used against him in Russia loathing for Mr Skripal is highlighted by claims from secret services historian Nikolai Luzan that the double was responsible for disclosing to MI6 the names of around 300 GRU staff members and other 'agents' including those working referred to him Mr Skripal in a 2014 interview as 'this bastard - I'm not scared to use this word'.'Just imagine what muck this man did to other people' - due to his has been no official confirmation of the 300 figure from the -run TV in Russia even compared him to the legendary Cold War agent Soviet double agent Oleg Penkovsky who spied for Britain and the United States during the height of the. Firefighters and police attended The Maltings shopping centre in Salisbury at around on Sunday afternoon Police also threw a cordon around a nearby pub as they desperately trying to piece together where the father and daughter had been and who else might be affected He was alleged to have passed intelligence to a so-called ' rock' in a Moscow park In Moscow at the time of his arrest he was mocked as 'the with the Louis Vuitton bag' after grainy pictures showed him at an airport on route on one meeting with his handlersThe woman who cleans Mr Skripal's home in Salisbury who asked not to be named said today: 'I saw reports on the news that his wife had died in a car crash.'That is not true she died of cancer that she had when they moved to England And his son died of liver problems so I don't know where the car crash idea. The incident - which has been compared to the 2006 poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko - has sparked a huge investigation by Scotland Yard Counter-terror detectives have assumed control of the probe which has taken on political and international significance and led to a meeting of the National Security Council today Police in Salisbury have widened their cordon to the site where Mr Skripal and his daughter were taken ill expanding it beyond the restaurant and pub which were initially closed off while forensic teams continued to examine the on the substance involved are being carried out at the defence research centre at Porton Down Two police officers who were among the first to come into contact with Mr Skripal and his daughter on Sunday were also admitted to hospital after suffering itchy eyes rashes and wheezing on Sunday Up to 10 other people suffered symptoms including vomiting Quarrel is a Cayman Islander living in Jamaica He first appears in the novel Live and Let Die as 's guide while 007 is investigating Mr Big Quarrel later appears in the novel Dr No to help infiltrate Dr Julius No's island Crab Key The only film in which Quarrel appears is the 1962 film Dr No played by John Kitzmiller where as in the novel he is killed by Dr No's mythical "dragon". 'there is a long list of Putin opponents who have been bumped off around the world The fact that this happens just before presidential elections I would suspect is not circumstantial.'We can't be having operatives bumping people off in the UK I was very critical of both David Cameron and Theresa May in the 2010 Parliament because they kept refusing to allow a full investigation of the Litvinenko murder It was years before Theresa May finally allowed one to happen.'If something similar has occurred in this situation then we shouldn't let the grass grow under. Published: 07:22 BST 6 March 2018 | Updated: 23:43 BST. Following is a list of recurring and notable allies of James who appear throughout the film series and novels Amending the Marriage Act to allow same-sex couples to wed was a significant step forward But it is not a panacea as law reform alone will never lead to true equality Updated. 'it caused chaos inside the A&E department - I was taken to a boardroom where I had to wait while they dealt with it There was a green tent set up in the drop-off area and people in forensics clothes were all walking around.'From what I was told the fire engine got to the hospital about 15 minutes before I arrived at .' On Sunday emergency services had said they suspected fentanyl a synthetic opiate up to 100 times more potent than heroin may have been involved the Salisbury Journal reports Her daughter Yulia reported the death to Wiltshire Council's register office When recording the death of her mother Yulia told staff her father who was convicted for passing secrets on spies to MI6 was a retired local government planning officer Mr Skripal's son Alexandr died last year in St Petersburg although there are conflicting reports over the cause of death Salisbury MP John Glen said Skripal bought a house in the city in 2011 before tragedy befell his family.'His wife died a year after he settled there and his son subsequently died last year,' Mr Glen tweeted later in the evening to say a 'terrible human tragedy' had taken place in Salisbury 'My thoughts and prayers this evening are with my constituent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia,'. Additional unidentified 00 agents are seen briefly in Thunderball and The World Is Not Enough In the latter one of the agents is revealed to be female. In the novel Thunderball Bill Tanner asks Moneypenny to send a copy of SPECTRE's ransom demand letter to Mathis at the Deuxième Bureau In Never Dream of Dying he is captured by the head of the Union Le Gérant and is blinded with lasers later saves him from imprisonment A younger version of Mathis appears in the "Young " short story "A Hard Man to Kill" This may have been the first time the. 'we would like to reassure members of the public that incidents of this nature are taken extremely seriously and we currently do not believe there is any risk to the wider public 'We would like to take this opportunity to thank members of the public who have assisted us so far and respected the cordons which remain. Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Tom Tugendhat said if proven the possible poisoning of Sergei Skripal 66 would a new escalation in a 'soft war' against the UKMr Tugendhat will demand answers from ministers in the Commons at around today after Commons Speaker John Bercow agreed to an emergency warning comes after shadow defence secretary Diane Abbott warned ministers not to allow 'London and the Home Counties to become a kind of killing field for the state' WHAT SANCTIONS COULD BE IMPOSED ON RUSSIA? Tory MP Tom Tugendhat today called for a new range of sanctions if it is proven Russia is behind a suspected assassination attempt in London One of Q's assistants Smithers makes two film appearances: in For Your Eyes Only and Octopussy He is played by Jeremy Bulloch. Chairman of the Commons defence committee Julian Lewis (left) told MailOnline a proven second case of assassination on British soil would prove Russia had learned nothing from outrage at the Litvinenko murder while Labour's Chris Bryant (right) called for a Government statement Labour MP Chris Bryant who chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Russia called for a Government minister to come to the despatch box today to update the Commons on what is known about the Skripal Bryant said: 'We have got to be a little careful about establishing the facts - and I very much hope a Government minister will come to the chamber later today to explain what we do know - but we know Putin's record of using excessive violence. Police experts have scoured the restaurant in the centre of Salisbury during their investigation Mr Skripal is a former army colonel who was jailed in Russia for ing for MI6 His daughter is understood to be a 33-year-old businesswoman who has worked for Nike and Pepsico 'it bears all the hallmarks of a attack': Senior MP demands new sanctions to the Kremlin's 'soft war' on Britain after suspected attackA senior MP today said a suspected attempt to kill a ex- bears 'all the hallmarks' of a Kremlin Tugendhat said if proven the possible poisoning of Sergei Skripal 66 would be a new escalation in a 'soft war' by Russia against the chairman of the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee said new sanctions should be imposed against Russia if it was proven the Kremlin ordered the attack. An eyewitness said Skripal and the woman thought to be his daughter seemed 'out of it' after she came across the pair slumped on the bench at the shopping centre Top right: A police tent covers the spot where they were foundNeighbours at Mr Skripal's home in Salisbury say police arrived at the property at around 5pm on Sunday and have remained stationed there Skripal bought the Wiltshire property in 2011 a year before his wife Liudmila died.'He lived there with his son and his son's partner,' said Blake Stephens a 24-year-old neighbour 'We didn't speak to them much I'm not sure what the family he did He used to live with his wife but unfortunately she died a. Police tonight widened the police cordon and now have forensic teams entering the properties Police have not confirmed the reason for extending the cordon Alexander Litvinenko died after two agents slipped radioactive polonium 210 into his teaIt said the use of the radioactive substance - which could only have come from a nuclear reactor - was a 'strong indicator' of state involvement and that the two men had probably been acting under the direction of the le motives included Litvinenko's work for British intelligence agencies his criticism of the FSB and his association with other dissidents while it said there was also a 'personal dimension' to the antagonism between him and Putin International arrest warrants issued for Mr Lugovoi and Mr Kovtun remain in force although Russia continues to refuse their extradition. Bankrupt property tycoon Scot Young (pictured right) suffered fatal injuries after falling from a window on to railings after being hounded over debts by mafia membersMeanwhile in 2012 German Gorbuntsov survived despite being shot several times with a sub-machine gun on the Isle of Dogs in East banker allegedly had evidence relevant to the attempted murder of billionaire Alexander 2016 former double agent Colonel Alexander Poteyev who exposed glamour Anna Chapman died in the Poteyev had overseen the sleeper agents in the US as a deputy head of the 'S' department of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service. Former cabinet minister John Whittingdale said it was possible the existing sanctions were failing to deter Russia 'from carrying out further assassinations on British soil'.The comments came as Boris Johnson pledged to speak with Home Secretary Amber Rudd after calls for a fresh police investigation into 14 deaths in the UK that have been linked to Whittingdale the former culture secretary told MPs: 'It is almost exactly four years since the annexation of the sovereign territory of Ukraine in Crimea by Russia.'It is two years since the public inquiry concluded that President Putin almost certainly approved the murder of Alexander Litvinenko.'Is it not clear therefore that existing sanctions are failing to deter Russia possibly even from carrying out further assassinations on British soil. The security service (FSB) allege that Col Skripal began to sell information in 1990's right up until 1999 - when he left the special services For the film adaptation of Live and Let Die teams up with Quarrel's son Quarrel Jr played by Roy Stewart. 'i think we have to remember that exiles are not immortal,' Mark Rowley the Metropolitan Police Service's assistant commissioner for counterterrorism told the BBC.'They do all die and there can be a tendency for some conspiracy theories But likewise we have to be alive to the fact of state threats as illustrated by the Litvinenko case.' Friends of Alexander Litvinenko who was at a London hotel in 2006 with polonium-210 said it had the hallmarks of a Kremlin-backed night Alexander Litvinenko's widow Marina told the Telegraph: 'It looks similar to what happened to my husband but we need more information We need to know the substance Was it radioactive?'  A noted neurologist whose expertise is frequently employed by M and the Secret Services Moloney appears in the novels Dr No Thunderball You Only Live Twice and The Man with the Golden Gun.

Freya Church who saw the couple on the bench said they 'looked so out of it' adding the younger woman was leaning on the told the BBC: 'On the bench there was a couple an older guy and a younger She was sort of leaned in on him It looked like she had passed out maybe.''He was doing some strange hand movements looking up to the sky,' she said 'I felt anxious I felt like I should step in but to be honest they looked so out of it that I thought even if I did step in I wasn't sure how I could help So I just left them But it looked like they'd been taking something quite strong.'  Salisbury District Hospital Wiltshire declared the 'major incident' this morning which involved a 'small number of casualtiesCara Charles-Barks chief executive of Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust said yesterday: 'I can confirm that they are currently being treated here at Salisbury District Hospital and their condition does remain critical'. A policeman stands outside The Mill pub in Salisbury today which has been sealed off in connection with the incident The 00 Section of MI6 is considered the elite of the Secret Service Agents with the 00 prefix have proven themselves capable enough in the field to be entrusted with the licence to kill: the authorisation to at their own discretion commit acts of assassination and other controversial activities in order to complete their missions without having to first seek permission from headquarters The following 00 agents have been referenced onscreen in the James films Additional 00 agents ranging from 001 to 0012 have been referenced in literature and in comic strips. The statement continued: 'We regret that instead of a proper official clarification on the issue the Foreign Secretary chose to threaten Russia with retribution Looks like the script of yet another anti- campaign has been already written.' Among the agents deported from the US as part of the largest swap since the Cold War was Anna Chapman The socialite and diplomat's daughter was married to a Briton and lived in London for several Skripal's wife Liudmila died on Octo aged 59 with her death certificate recording the cause of death as disseminated endometrial carcinoma It was suggested last night that Vladimir Putin would never have forgiven Mr Skripal following his treason conviction The President once said: 'Traitors always end in a bad way Usually from a drinking habit or from drugs right in the street.'  Among the agents deported from the US as part of the largest swap since the Cold War was Anna Chapman (pictured)He was sentenced in 2006 and was later pardoned in 2010 when he was one of four prisoners Moscow swapped for spies in the was released together with the three other individuals serving time in prisons in exchange for ten spies arrested by the FBI.A year after his release he is believed to have bought a house in Chapman was arrested at a New York police department precinct when she turned in a fake passport an undercover FBI agent had given to the daughter of a diplomat she became the most recognisable of the ten agents. A revised version of the character of Felix Leiter appears in the 1954 television adaptation of Casino Royale In that version Leiter is a British agent named Clarence Leiter and is played by Michael Pate. 16:00Pm: Embassy releases statement slamming the 'vilification of Russia' and calling for police to release more information A close friend of Mr Skripal's Alexander Goldfarb said he was 'not surprised' by the incident saying the Kremlin had the 'opportunity motive and a prior history'.Mr Goldfarb said: 'Any reasonable person would think immediately that Russia had the opportunity motive and a prior history of this kind of crime so it is reasonable to think it was involved in this attack This is the Kremlin's modus operandi There are plenty of precedents 'What's interesting now is that this happens just before Russia's presidential election Putin awarded Lugovoi a state honour and made him a national hero He apparently sees positive electoral gain from this kind of activity A British inquest concluded that Litvinenko had been murdered by agents with the probable approval of President Vladimir a sign of how seriously the British are taking this Mr Johnson issued a veiled threat to pull England out of the football World Cup — whish is being held later this year in you guessed it Johnson also pointed to further sanctions against Russia at a time when relations are already described as being at their lowest point since the Cold ' pint' theoryThe investigation has entered its fourth day and Britons have woken up to front pages splashed with new theories on what happened to Daily Telegraph claims Vladimir Putin always wanted Sergei Skripal killed and had "sworn revenge" on him after he was sent to. Neighbour Mr Puttock added: 'He looked foreign but other than that no he didn't look like a He never really looked smart he looked very casual he stood out because of that it's hard to remember anything special about him.'There were always people coming and going there was definitely a younger boy living there but I really didn't pay that much attention you don't until something like this happens It's crazy nothing ever happens here it is always. Nicknamed 'the with the Louis Vuitton bag' Mr Skripal exposed a huge network of military spies working across Europe taking extraordinary risks to pass secrets to FSB caught him passing his intelligence to the infamous MI6 James -style ' rock' - a fake stone packed with receiving equipment - in a Moscow park secret services exposed the rock in 2006 revealing how agents walked past it transmitting their data to the rock via a hidden hand held official said after his conviction: 'His activities caused a significant blow to Russia's external security.' A decade ago Mr Skripal was accused of passing secrets to MI6 officers through a James -style fake rock hidden in a Moscow park secret services exposed the rock in 2006 revealing how agents walked past it and transmitting data to the rock via a hidden handheld was sentenced to 13 years in a high-security prison in August 2006 before being freed in a 2010 deal which saw 10 sleeper agents expelled from the United States. The woman who was unconscious was airlifted to hospital while Skripal was taken by ambulance It was through this firm that he is understood to have worked on a dossier on President's Trump alleged links to Russia which included explosive allegations including lurid sex claims and claims the Kremlin had sought to 'cultivate' Mr is likely that during his time working in Russia Steele would have got to know Skripal The Times reported today It is thought Mr Steele may be helping police with their investigation Bill Browder an anti-corruption campaigner told the Press Association: 'We don't know much but based on the headlines from yesterday who the person was his relationship with the Kremlin and the circumstances of his collapse the first operating assumption should be that this was an assassination attempt by the Kremlin against a traitor of Russia.' The circumstances surrounding yesterday's incident were still murky but the case had immediate resonance in Britain; former agent Alexander Litvenko died after drinking radioactive tea in a swanky London ex-KGB agent died after two agents slipped radioactive polonium 210 into his tea pot at a Mayfair. Witness Freya Church 27 who later spotted the pair 'slumped' and 'passed out' on the bench said the couple pictured in the CCTV images released today were '100%' the people she saw slumped on the bench on Sunday Another witness Jamie Paine told BBC News: 'Both her legs came together Her eyes were just completely wide they were wide open and frothing at the mouth and then the man went stiff and his arms stopped moving and still looking dead straight.'Then the man started throwing up but it was weird it wasn't like normally when someone throws up You couldn't see that he was visually throwing up His throat wasn't moving vomit was just pouring out of. Why it's a big dealRelations between Britain and Russia have been strained since the murder of ex-KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko in London in news of Skripal's apparent poisoning invokes a sense of deja vu for the British because how closely his story resembles that of the targeted assassination of enko fell ill in November 2006 after drinking a tea laced with the rare radioactive substance polonium-210 and died three. Draco appears in the novels On Her Majesty's Secret Service working as an ally of and Never Dream of Dying where 007's former father-in-law turns out to be linked to the villain of the Union He also appears in the film On Her Majesty's Secret Service portrayed by Gabriele Ferzetti. Sir Frederick Gray is the Minister of Defence in the films The Who Loved Me Moonraker For Your Eyes Only Octopussy A View to a Kill and The Living Daylights He is played by Geoffrey Keen. A spokesman for Public Health England (PHE) said anyone exposed to the unknown substance had been decontaminated 'as is standard practice in situations like this'.He added: 'Scientists from PHE's Centre for Radiation Chemical and Environmental Hazards will continue to assist the response and review information as it becomes available.'  Authorities claimed agents walked past it transmitting their data via a hand held deviceHe pleaded guilty at his trial and co-operated with investigators reports said at the was stripped of his rank of colonel and his state medals and ordered to spend his prison term in a high-security. Sheriff John Wayne Pepper is a parish sheriff in Louisiana He appears in the films Live and Let Die and The Man with the Golden Gun Played by Clifton James he is mostly used as comic relief especially and memorably for his somewhat bigoted attitudes and his tendency to speak loudly about whatever is on. Police have also shut down a branch of the Italian restaurant chain Zizzi and a nearby Greene King pub called The Mill in connection with the incident suggesting Mr Skripal and his daughter may have visited two premises. The information exposed a huge network of military spies working across was charged with "high treason in the form of espionage" and sentenced to 13 years in the time of his conviction military court spokesman Yevgeny Komissarov said "his activities caused a significant blow to Russia's external security". Mr Johnson said it was clear that Russia is now 'in many respects a malign and disruptive force and the UK is in the lead across the world in trying to counteract that activity'.Sources close to Mr Johnson later insisted he was referring to officials and dignitaries attending the tournament and not World Cup begins in Russia in June England are the only UK team to have qualified to take Embassy posted a short response to Mr Johnson's address to MPs saying ironically: 'We are impressed by the statement of the Foreign Secretary in Parliament today The Foreign Secretary spoke in such a manner as if the investigation was already over and Russia was found responsible for what had happened in Salisbury.' The Sun reports that a "Kremlin assassin" may have spiked Skripal's pint of beer with a "rare and almost untraceable rat poison" External Link: @thesun: "Tomorrow's front page" The Daily Mail has reported on a social media post from Yulia Skripal in which she criticised Vladimir Putin and said he should be sent to we're all waiting to find out what happens next. Two Incident Response Unit ambulances and the fire service were called to the hospital to treat the patients and decontaminate the A&E department Topics: security-intelligence defence-and-national-security law-crime-and-justice crime foreign-affairs world-politics -federation united-kingdom First posted. The statement said that a number of places - including the Zizzi restaurant and the Bishop's Mill pub in The Maltings - have been 'secured' as part of the investigation 'At this time we cannot confirm how long these cordons will remain in place,' the statement said A patient who came to the A&E department said the incident had caused 'chaos'.The man in his mid-20s who did not want to be named said he had been taken to a boardroom in the hospital while the fire service decontaminated the said: 'I had gone to the A&E department because I had busted two of my knuckles The staff said something to me about chemicals and that it had all happened in front of the A&E entrance. Loelia Ponsonby is 's shared personal secretary in many of the novels She is also the secretary for 008 and 0011 both of whom share an office with She retires and is replaced in On Her Majesty's Secret Service by Mary Goodnight after she marries a member of the Baltic Exchange For the films her flirtatious relationship with is transferred to and replaced by Miss Moneypenny Ponsonby nearly made an appearance in GoldenEye but she was removed from the final draft The name of the character may be based on the Duchess of Westminster of the. Home Secretary Amber Rudd will chair a meeting of the Government's emergency committee Cobra on Wednesday morning to discuss the on-going investigation into the incident in Salisbury Number 10 said One member of emergency services remains in hospital and police have now sealed off a large pub in the city centre as well as putting cordons around the park where the pair were discovered an Italian restaurant and the victim's home A number of experts have said that Mr Skripal who unmasked dozens of agents may have been the target of a revenge 'hit' by former colleagues in what was once the KGB Police have not revealed what kind of substance they suspect Mr Skripal was exposed to but authorities have urged anyone who feels ill to contact 111 after the city's hospital was sealed off yesterday over contamination fears. Jack Wade is an American CIA agent who appears in the films GoldenEye and Tomorrow Never Dies He is played by Joe Don Baker Eight years before GoldenEye Baker played villain Brad Whitaker in The Living Daylights. President Vladimir Putin (pictured today) once hinted at how his country deals with spies by insisting that 'traitors always end in a. Dr Andrew Foxall of the Henry Jackson Society security think-tank said: 'MI5 believes that there are now more spies in Britain than during the height of the Cold War.'They will likely be experienced in all manner of activities While it is too soon to attribute responsibility it would be foolhardy if the authorities were not to explore the Russia connection in relation to Mr Skripal's illness.'Mr Putin boasted yesterday that Moscow thwarted more than 400 foreign spies last also called on Russia's FSB agency to block further foreign attempts to obtain political economic and military information.A Embassy spokesman said last night: 'Neither relatives nor legal representatives of the said person nor the British authorities have addressed the embassy in this regard.'  8Am: Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov calls Mr Skripal's illness a 'tragic situation' but says 'we don't have any information' and added Moscow was open to cooperation with : Downing Street says that the Skripal case was not discussed at the regular weekly meeting of Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Theresa May at Number 10 and it was an 'operational matter' for :30pm: In the House of Commons Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson refuses to point fingers in his response to an urgent question but he warns governments that 'no attempt to take innocent life on UK soil will go unsanctioned or unpunished' and labels Russia 'a malign and disruptive force'. The inside and outside of The Mill pub in Salisbury are pictured today after it was sealed off by policeMr Skripal's cleaner said: 'I had known his daughter was coming over to the UK from Russia because he had asked me to clean her room the week before but I never saw her.'She said of Mr Skripal: 'He is a lovely friendly and kind-hearted man and I was shocked when I found out it was him who was in hospital 'I knew he was in the army as we chatted a bit but he never said he was but at the end of the day he was working for us so I don't care really.'He's a great guy He had friends and he loved music and he would go and talk to the neighbours sometimes but he mostly kept himself to himself.'  A confronting exchange on Q&A sparks debate around how to manage the reproductive rights of drug addicts. In Casino Royale it is revealed that he originally met on assignment in Monte Carlo prior to World War II when was trying to crack down on a group of Romanians cheating at a local casino with the use of invisible ink Mathis is reassigned to work with at the time of the events in Casino Royale where he poses as a radio salesman assisting and introducing him to Vesper Lynd. Boris Berezovsky was found dead in his in Berkshire bathroom with a ligature round his neck in March 2013 but the coroner recorded an open verdict Bankrupt property tycoon Scot Young was the fifth member of a close circle of friends to die in unusual 52-year-old suffered fatal injuries after falling from a window on to railings after being hounded over debts by mafia members They had previously dangled him out of a window at the Dorchester Hotel in Park Lane threatening to drop him next time if he did not pay up his close friend alleged Mr Young who was once worth an estimated £400m claimed to have lost his fortune when a vast property deal known as Project Moscow collapsed. 'we would like to reassure members of the public that this incident is being taken extremely seriously and we currently do not believe there is any risk to the wider public.'We continue to appeal to any members of the public who may have information in relation to this incident to contact police immediately on 999.'Temporary chief constable of Wiltshire Police Keir Pritchard added: 'I would like to reassure our local communities that the multi-agency response is ongoing.'We will continue to work with our partners including Public Health England the local NHS trust local authorities and emergency services.' In an update released at today police said: 'We can confirm that a small number of emergency services personnel were assessed immediately after the incident and all but one have been released from hospital.' Police in Salisbury have widened their cordon beyond the restaurant and pub which were initially closed off while people in protective gear investigate. It was one of the most audacious acts of the Cold War which could have come straight from the pages of a 1978 Georgi Markov was jabbed with an umbrella which fired a poison pellet into his leg as he crossed Waterloo Bridge in London while he waited for a died three days later – and for almost 40 years mystery has surrounded the whereabouts of his killer Bill Tanner is MI6's Chief of Staff Tanner is a ally appearing regularly in the novels of Ian Fleming and John Gardner as well as in Kingsley Amis' Colonel Sun but he has never been a regular cinematic character His biggest cinematic role was in For Your Eyes Only (1981) in which Tanner was given a bigger role while M was "on leave," due to Bernard Lee's death that prevented him from reprising his role as M in. The inquiry found Andrei Lugovoi (left in 2007) and Dmitri Kovtun (right in 2006) - had deliberately LitvinenkoDetective Inspector Brian Tarpey who flew to Moscow to investigate says: ‘I remember one evening my officer [a colleague who travelled with him] was complaining of stomach cramp and not being very well.‘Next morning I accompanied him to the general prosecutor’s office We were offered tea I had no hesitation in accepting.‘After we left I started to feel a little bit uncomfortable Not wanting to put too fine a point on it I had the s***s.‘I have no doubt in my mind that someone us with something like gastroenteritis.’ Police stand outside an address believed to be the home of former Sergei Skripal in Salisbury todayMr Skripal 66 was convicted in Russia of receiving £78,000 in exchange for taking huge risks to pass classified information to MI6 After being brought to England he moved into a £350,000 house in Salisbury His daughter Yulia 33 is a businesswoman who has worked for Nike and Pepsico in Russia The Daily Telegraph reported She is understood to make frequent visits to see her father in the UK Mr Skripal is understood to have suffered a double family tragedy after his son Alexandr died last year - five years after Mr Skripal's wife Lyudmila passed away from of cancer Mystery surrounds the cause of death for both with his wife's death certificate claiming she died of cancer but neighbours saying it was in a. Mr Johnson said: 'If things turn out to be as many members suspect that they are I think we will have to have a serious conversation about our engagement with Russia.'And for my part I think it will be difficult to see how thinking ahead to the World Cup this summer I think it would be difficult to imagine that UK representation at that event could go ahead in the normal way.'We will certainly have to consider that.' Noting that the case has 'echoes' of the death of Alexander Litvinenko a dissident who was fatally in London in 2006 Mr Johnson told MPs: 'While it would be wrong to prejudge the investigation I can reassure the House that should evidence emerge that implies state responsibility then Her Majesty's Government will respond appropriately and robustly.' Salisbury District Hospital said it was dealing with a 'major incident' on Monday morning and called in the fire service and Incident Response team to decontaminate the areaLitvinenko 43 an outspoken critic of Putin who fled Russia for Britain six years to the day before he was died after drinking green tea laced with the rare and very potent radioactive isotope at the Millennium Hotel A public inquiry concluded in 2016 that the killing of Litvinenko who previously worked for the FSB had 'probably' been carried out with the approval of president Vladimir Putin And loathing for Mr Skripal is highlighted by claims from secret services historian Nikolai Luzan. The cordon in Salisbury was extended after a Zizzi restaurant and a pub called The Mill were closed suggesting Mr Skripal and his daughter visited multiple locations  The restaurant was deserted today as police examined the scene and Skripal's nearby home A cordon around a police car near the entrance to the accident and emergency department at Salisbury District Hospital is pictured on Tuesday  'i know that Mr Putin's Russia does not accept the findings of the British public inquiry and will continue to deny the truth in the face of overwhelming evidence.'But those findings are now part of history and the rest of the world understands the difference between truth and propaganda And that is what matters to me.'What action world leaders will take against the ever vengeful Russian state in these dramatic times remains to be seen I hope and pray that my struggle has not been in vain.' Last year the scandal took a new twist when Scotland Yard detectives who investigated the Litvinenko case revealed they too had been poisoned by the Russians in an extraordinary attempt to thwart the inquiry. 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He was jailed for 13 years in 2006 and was only released in the high-profile -swap which involved glamourous agent Anna Chapman who had been caught ing in the being debriefed by British security services he was given a new life living in a £340,000 house in the time of his arrest he was mocked as 'the with the Louis Vuitton bag' after grainy pictures showed him with an expensive looking bag at an airport en route on one meeting with his security service (FSB) alleged that Mr Skripal began to sell information in 1990's right up until 1999 - when he left the special services They say he was paid around $100,000 for his services into his secret account in Skripal was turned by British special service until when he was detained for giving the UK top secret information. As part of the trade deal Skripal was granted asylum in the UK where he had kept a low profile for the past eight had been living openly in Britain under his own name and his address in Salisbury appeared in public Sunday he was found slumped unconscious on a bench at a Salisbury shopping centre alongside his daughter Yulia who was reportedly visiting him from pair are fighting for their lives in hospital while a member of the emergency services who treated them is also Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has warned Russia is a "malign and disruptive force in the world" and has warned foreign governments that "no attempt to take innocent life on UK soil will go either unsanctioned or unpunished". A replica of the umbrella that a KGB agent used in 1978 to kill the Bulgarian dissidentEx-KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko was in London in 2006 a killing which a judge said was probably approved by President Vladimir defector died after two agents slipped radioactive polonium 210 into his tea pot at a Mayfair hotel in central 43-year-old had been an officer with the Federal Security Service (FSB) but he fled to Britain where he became a fierce critic of the Kremlin He died after an agonising six-day battle in hospital. Mr Skripal was cast as a traitor by Moscow at the time of the swap He is thought to have done serious damage to networks in Britain and Europe Cancer car crash and liver failure: Mysterious deaths of family of ' with the Louis Vuitton Handbag' One of the spies exchanged for Skripal was Anna Chapman (pictured) who was greeted as a hero by the Kremlin'We have declared a major incident today in response to the incident that took place yesterday.'We have been advising people to continue to attend for their routine operations and routine appointments and we will continue to advise them to do so We will contact any patients if we require them not to attend.'Officers taped off an area around a bench where one of the pair had been sick after arriving at The Maltings shopping centre on Sunday.A specialist chemical response unit removed the unknown substance from the area wrapping it in several protective said the substance would be destroyed along with the protective suits Radiation expert Matthew Puncher who investigated the 'assassination' of Alexander Litvinenko was found dead in a mysterious suicide in May 2016Boris Berezovsky was found dead in his in Berkshire bathroom with a ligature round his neck in March friends in the secret service say he planned to give Putin evidence of a plot involving oligarchs to topple the strongman in a coup Theory has it that the exiled tycoon was slain by Western secret services linked to the plan to overthrow the Kremlin leader A coroner recorded an open verdict saying he either took his own life or he was killed and the scene was staged to look self-inflicted. She appears in the film The Man with the Golden Gun as a played by Britt Ekland. Last night police shut down a Zizzi Restaurant in Salisbury 'as a precaution' in connection with the incident Boris Johnson says England could boycott the World Cup in Russia over suspected attempt to poison a former Britain could boycott the World Cup in Russia this summer if the Kremlin is shown to be responsible for a suspected assassination attempt of an ex- Boris Johnson suggested Foreign Secretary said UK representation at the tournament would be 'difficult to see' as he threatened a range of new sanctions over what is suspected to be a bid to kill Sergei Skripal 66 in Salisbury on Sunday. Mr Browder who was in Westminster today to give evidence to a parliamentary committee added: 'It should be treated with the utmost seriousness in terms of law enforcement resources.'But the Embassy in London said this afternoon refuted what it called 'various speculations which ultimately lead to a vilification of Russia'.Diplomats urged police to reveal more about the incident adding: 'We believe that the British authorities and law enforcement bodies should step in immediately and inform the Embassy and the British society about the actual circumstances of this incident so as to end the demonisation of Russia With this in mind the Embassy has turned to the Foreign Office for clarifications.'Maria Zakharova spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry on Tuesday dismissed Johnson's remarks about a possible involvement as 'wild.'  Police and paramedics discovered the two s in a critical condition on SundayThe case is not being treated as terrorism but officers have an open mind about its cause Wiltshire police's Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Craig Holden told reporters on Monday Mr Holden said: 'This has not been declared as a counter-terrorism incident and we would urge people not to speculate,' he said.'However I must emphasise that we retain an open mind and that we continue to review this position.' Police said a number of areas in Salisbury had been cordoned off in relation to their ary Assistant Chief Constable Craig Holden said yesterday: 'We would continue to appeal to any members of the public who may have information in relation to this incident to contact us immediately. By Rebecca Brice Today Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson has been sentenced to 12 month's detention for covering up child sexual abuse but he was once known as the "Healing Bishop" The Veronicas open up about their mum’s dementia diagnosis Younger onset dementia is on the rise meaning more young people are likely to deal with the devastating diagnosis in their families. While he was languishing in a cell events were underway in the USA which were to see Skripal gain his eventual freedom.A network of sleeper agents dubbed The Illegals Program by US authorities were posing as ordinary Americans and trying to elicit useful information from policymakers analysts and business 10 agents were arrested in 2010 after a decade-long FBI operation. Mary Goodnight is 's second personal secretary She first appears in the novel On Her Majesty's Secret Service then again in You Only Live Twice By the time of her appearance in The Man with the Golden Gun she has been assigned to the Kingston station of the service although she has a much larger role She appears later in the Jeffery Deaver novel Carte Blanche. Following his release Col Skripal underwent a debriefing in London following his exchange in the historic swap involving femme fatale Anna ChapmanPenvosky was shot by a firing squad in 1963 and is regarded as one of the most effective spies of all Skripal and a woman were found slumped on a bench in a busy shopping centre in Salisbury on is critically ill along with the woman 33 after they were both found at The Maltings shopping centre in a case that immediately drew parallels to the poisoning of former agent Alexander this he was believed to be living at an address on Christie Miller Road in Salisbury had been living at the address with his wife Liudmila until she died in recent years. Fire crews in green hazmat suits sealed off the ambulance station that responded to the emergency call and attended to the and his fire engines and a mobile control uint were at the ambulance base at Solstice Park in Amesbury about seven miles from is believed crews who attended the emergency call out on Sunday were among the first responders who later had hospital treatment after coming into contact with Sergei Skripal and his daughter and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue have not made any ives are also examining CCTV of a man and woman walking through an alleyway shortly before the pair. Diane Abbott (file image) today demanded answers from ministers about an apparent attack on a she said had 'striking similarities' to the murder of Alexander LitvinenkoMs Abbott told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme: 'It's important not to speculate without knowing everything it but it does bear a striking similarity to the death of Litvinenko who was by the state and before that Markov who was killed bizarrely by somebody stabbing him with an umbrella with poison on the tip.'That was put to the state and the problem with these things is sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.'Ms Abbott added: 'I don't like defaulting to a red menace analysis but we can't allow London and the Home Counties to become a kind of killing field for. 'russia is a nationalistic country where state-run propaganda portrays the UK as the enemy and people like Skripal as traitors.' A British inquiry ruled in 2016 that Putin 'probably approved' the killing and identified two s Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitri Kovtun as the prime suspects Igor Sutyagin who was part of the same swap as Mr Skripal and now is a senior research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute in London said he is not worried for his safety.'I feel OK I am not concerned,' he told The Times 'We have saying in that if you keep thinking one day [something bad might happen] then that day. 'and that the time has come to impose far tougher sanctions against targeted individuals associated with President Putin's regime.'Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson yesterday repeated warnings of the military threat from Russia warning Putin had 'hostile intent' toward l who had recently told police he feared for his life was rushed to hospital after collapsing on a bench outside a shopping centre in Salisbury on was found with a 33-year-old woman who is also fighting for her life She is thought to be a family chiefs said the pair had been exposed to an 'unknown substance'.Mr Tugendhat said that if involvement was proved the Skripal case would amount to a further salvo in a 'soft war against the UK' conducted by Mr Putin's administration. Miss Moneypenny is the secretary to M The films depict her as having a reserved romantic interest in although Fleming's novels do not imply such a relationship while the John Gardner and Raymond Benson novels emphasise it more In the film series Moneypenny has been portrayed by Lois Maxwell Barbara Bouchet Pamela Salem Caroline Bliss Samantha and Naomie Harris. President Vladimir Putin (pictured today) once said 'traitors always end in a bad way' president Vladimir Putin once hinted at how his country deals with spies by insisting that 'traitors always end in a bad way'.The former KGB chief's words are all the more chilling as fears build over a poison plot in Wiltshire against Sergei Skripal a colonel who spied for the agents exposed was the red-haired 'femme fatale' Anna Chapman and Mr Putin said at the time: 'It is a result of betrayal.'Traitors always end in a bad way Usually from a drinking habit or from drugs right in the street.'Mr Skripal was sentenced to 13 years in a high-security prison in 2006 before being freed in a 2010 deal which saw ten sleeper agents expelled from. Police officers are pictured with a vehicle outside the home of Sergei Skripal today  Never Say. The entrance to the accident and emergency department at Salisbury District Hospital where former double agent Sergei Skripal was taken for treatment 'it is too early to say whether it is certain or not but it certainly bears all the hallmarks of a attack,' Mr Tugendhat said.'If it is then I am calling for a whole-of-Government response Too much of this has been left to the Foreign Office or the Home Office separately.'What needs to be done is for the whole Government to get involved in responding to what amounts to a soft war against the UK taking in the cyber-hacking they have done and the various aggressions they have been involved in.'Mr Tugendhat said that the eventual response to any involvement in the Skripal case could include travel bans sanctions and the imposition of Magnitsky Sanctions legislation allowing the assets of human rights violators to be frozen in. Police officers man a cordon near a forensic tent where Sergei Skripal 66 and his daughter Yulia Skripal in her 30s were found unconscious in Salisbury town centre While officials said there was 'no known risk' to public health from the incident if anyone feels ill they should contact 111 Pictured police inside the Zizzi restaurant 'they both remain in a critical condition and our thoughts and best wishes remain with their families during this difficult time,' said Kier Pritchard temporary chief constable of Wiltshire Police He said: 'Since Sunday we have had access to a wide range of specialist resources and services that have been working alongside us.'You will be aware that this afternoon the Metropolitan Police have confirmed that due to the unusual circumstances the Counter Terrorism network will now be leading this investigation as it has the specialist expertise to do so.'It is important to reiterate that they have not declared it as a terrorist incident and at this stage they are keeping an open mind as to what happened. Georgi Markov was jabbed with an umbrella which fired a poison pellet into. Vladimir Putin has 'hostile intent' towards Britain the Defence Secretary said yesterday Gavin Williamson called for the UK to wake up to the threat posed by warned that the Kremlin had developed a much more aggressive posture towards the UK in the past 12 months and the country should not sit submissively relations between Britain and Russia believed to be at an all-time low Mr Williamson told MPs that the country needed to 'match what Putin is doing with forces'.During defence questions in the Commons he said: 'Putin has made it quite clear that he has hostile intent towards this country.'We've been seeing the build-up of his forces across the Eastern Front and in terms of what they're doing over many years now – we have to wake up to that threat and we have to respond. Charles Robinson is the Deputy Chief of Staff at MI6 in the Pierce Brosnan films He first appears in Tomorrow Never Dies then later in The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day Played by Colin Salmon Robinson appears to be M's right-hand man and is often seen at her side When reports in with MI6 he often does so to Robinson. But the BBC claimed Alexandr died on holiday in Russia with his friend after being taken to hospital with liver failure and that his family was suspicious about his Skripal was dramatically exposed as having spied for the British in one of the biggest East-West scandals since the end of the Cold rose to rank of colonel in the military before becoming a top intelligence officer in the chaotic days after the fall of his reputation came crashing down in 2004 when he was accused of passing on the identities of secret agents in Europe to this time he had retired from the military but was said to have used his old contacts to for. Ex-Kgb agent Alexander Litvinenko was in London in 2006 when a radioactive substance was poured into his tea pot at a Mayfair hotelAlexander Perepilichnyy a key witness in a £140million tax fraud investigation collapsed while jogging outside his £3million mansion in Weybridge Surrey in November had ingested gelsemium – a very rare toxic plant found only in China a coroner heard Tests carried out by leading botanist Professor Monique Simmonds of Kew Gardens found a chemical in Mr Perepilichnyy’s stomach that could come only from a variety of gelsemium – a known method of assassination by Chinese and contract killers It was suggested last night that Vladimir Putin (pictured today) would never have forgiven Mr Skripal following his treason conviction 'and it is not just through nuclear weapons – our continuous at-sea nuclear deterrent is absolutely integral to maintaining the peace but it is also through conventional armed forces We have to match what Putin is doing with forces.'His comments came after he was asked by Labour's Barry Sheerman about comments the president had made in a state-of-the-nation speech last Sheerman pointed out that Mr Putin had basically announced 'a new Cold War'.Mr Putin boasted in his speech that Russia had developed an arsenal of invincible nuclear weapons that are immune to enemy r his neighbour Blake Stephens 21 said earlier of Mr Skripal: 'He used to live with his wife but unfortunately she died in a car accident a. It has been recorded that Mrs Skripal died on Octo with her death certificate recording the cause of death as disseminated endometrial daughter Yulia reported the death to Wiltshire Council's register office but told staff that her father was a retired local government planning for Mr Skripal's son he is said to have been killed in a car crash in St Petersburg last year – but the family's cleaner said he had actually died from liver problems. He said he could not rule out an overdose or some other kind of accidental poisoning - but found it hard to picture such a scenario 'that would lead to a full-scale decontamination of the street and the hospital.'Giles also invoked a string of suspicious deaths of government opponents in Britain since Litvinenko's slaying.'It's not just Litvinenko,' he said 'It's hard not to see a pattern of the attacks becoming more and more brazen.'  Police said the pair named by media Mr Skripal and his daughter had been 'exposed to an unknown substance' Police arrived at Skripal's home in Salisbury on Sunday evening and have remained. He revived calls for a 'Magnitsky List' to be set up in would mirror US laws imposing travel bans on senior Kremlin officials responsible for the death of accountant Sergei Magnitsky in a prison in 2009 UK ministers have repeatedly refused to pass a similar law but has imposed financial sanctions on several senior figures Further sanctions could see UK assets owned by Kremlin officials seized and travel bans on more individuals intent is to stop the ruling elite in Moscow travelling freely and keeping money abroad while Putin operates with little restraint British relations with Russia have been chilly since President Vladimir Putin was suspected of personally ordering the attack on Litvinenko. A police tent has been put up over the park bench where the pair appeared 'catatonic' 'the advice from Public Health England remains that based on the evidence to date currently there doesn't appear to be any immediate risk to the public. This video shows the evidence used to convict Skripal of ing in Russia and his high-profile arrest in Moscow in 2004When he moved into the property on Christie Miller Road he invited his neighbours over for a housewarming party he said 'He said hello if he walked passed and seemed like a nice chap,' Mr Puttock said.'When he moved in he invited us all over for a housewarming party - I imagine he invited the whole street as my neighbour told me about it But I didn't go.'He added: 'He had been here for quite a while five years I should think People came and went from the house you know but I didn't pay much attention.'He was always walking past but he did sometimes drive his BMW three series.' Another witness said of Mr Skripal: 'He looked very ill he was being sick - he did not look well at all He was conscious at the time.'She said of his daughter: She was surrounded by paramedics and he was a few minutes after I arrived as well.' Georgia Pridham 25 also saw the couple slumped on the bench She told The Telegraph: 'He was quite smartly dressed He had his palms up to the sky as if he was shrugging and was staring at the building in front of him He had a woman sat next to him on the bench who was slumped on his shoulder.'She added: 'He was staring dead straight He was conscious but it was like he was frozen and slightly rocking back and forward'. This CCTV is thought to show the movements of double agent Sergei Skripal and his 33-year-old companion shortly before they were the victims of a suspected poisoning Detectives are trying to work out if Skripal was given the mystery substance in the restaurant This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP) APTN Reuters AAP CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced AEST = Australian Eastern Standard Time which is 10 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich. The restaurant chain has promised to do all it can to assistant the huge police investigation The police investigation centres on Salisbury's Zizzi restaurant a nearby pub and the park where Skripal and his daughter Yulia were found on Sunday CCTV shows a man and a woman walking between those two places shortly before 4pm Witnesses say it. 'we still do not know all the facts but we do know that a terrible human tragedy took place on the streets of Salisbury on Sunday.' Emergency services initially believed Mr Skripal and his daughter had taken fentanyl a synthetic opioid that is up to 100 times more potent than herion that has caused thousands of deaths among drug addicts worldwide.A tiny dose of the synthetic opioid which can be purchased online via the dark web would prove officials said there was no known risk to public health 'based on evidence to date' but advised anyone feeling ill to seek help Passers by and paramedics assumed the duo were high on fentanyl a super strength painkiller causing thousands of deaths among drug addicts but this was later linked to an unconnected incident involving another couple in the shopping centre Emergency services found Sergei Skripal and a woman said to be his daughter Yulia slumped over a bench at The Maltings shopping centre before they were transported to Salisbury District Hospital where a major incident was declared on MondayOfficers were called to The Maltings by a member of the public on Sunday shortly after 4pm A major incident was declared at Salisbury District Hospital but patients have been advised to attend appointments as normal unless advised otherwise He was arrested in 2004 in Moscow and admitted he was recruited by British intelligence in 1995 and had provided information about GRU agents in Europe for which he was paid more than $100, Skripal was one of four agents pardoned and released by Moscow in what was said at the time to be the biggest swap since the Cold was flown to the UK with another of the men freed by Russia in the exchange - analyst Igor Sutyagin who was serving a 14-year sentence for ing for. Monday March 5: Salisbury District Hospital declares a major incident at around 11am on Monday and its A&E department is closed Police say the pair are critically ill in intensive care being treated for suspected exposure to an unknown substance 6pm: The man is named as Sergei Skripal 66 an ex-military intelligence colonel who was convicted in Russia of passing state secrets to Britain 7pm: Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Craig Holden tells reporters it is not being treated as a counter-terror y March 6: : The UK's top counter-terrorism officer Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner Mark Rowley says his specialists were supporting the investigation The pair were taken to hospital after they collapsed inside The Maltings shopping centre after coming into contact with an unknown substance Pictured emergency crews at the centre How investigation grew and turned into diplomatic incident Sunday March 4: Wiltshire Police receive a call from a member of the public who was concerned for the welfare of two people Officers arrive to find a man and a woman unconscious on. Anna Chapman pictured on  The swap took place on July 9 2010 on the tarmac at Vienna's airport and a Boeing 767-200 carrying the four agents was understood to have later touched down at RAF Brize Norton in returning spies were greeted as heroes in Moscow Mr Putin himself a former KGB officer who served in what was then East Germany sang patriotic songs with Mr Putin predicted a grim future for the man who had betrayed the spies in the US saying that he knew both his identity and said that a 'Mercader has already been sent after him,' referring to Ramon Mercader the assassin who was sent to kill Leon Trotsky in 1940 in Mexico. Witness Freya Church walks with a policeman near the place in Salisbury where the two people were found unconscious  He was jailed for passing on the identities of secret agents in Europe to MI6The former double agent who is critically ill in hospital after a suspected poison plot was hit by a double family tragedy within five years it has Skripal 66 is fighting for his life at Salisbury District Hospital after being found unconscious with his daughter Yulia 33 in the city on it was revealed today how Mr Skripal had suffered two bereavements within just five years when his wife Lyudmila died aged 59 in 2012 before his son Alexandr passed away aged 43 in y surrounds the cause of death for both with his wife's death certificate claiming she died of cancer but neighbours saying it was in a. An NHS incident response unit ambulance is parked outside The Mill pub and hotel as a police cordon has been extended aground the area where Mr Skripal and his daughter were. Police seal off the back of The Mill a Greene King pub as the police cordon is extended in Salisbury Mr Skripal was among of a group of top spies exchanged in Vienna in 2010 (left) for a group of agents including the glamorous Anna Chapman (right) The former double-agent now fighting for his life in hospital may have worked with Christopher Steele the ex-MI6 who compiled a controversial dossier on Donald Trump it emerged Skripal was accused by Russia of ing for MI6 before he was brought to Britain as part of a Cold War-style swap in Vienna in opher Steele pictured above was one of MI6's top Russia experts having spent at least three years working in Moscow During his years in the capital he had established personal contacts with KGB agents and operatives of its successor agency the FSB Mr Steele quit MI6 in 2009 to set up his own so-called 'spies-for-hire' firm Orbis Business Intelligence Wiltshire Police Assistant Chief Constable Kier Pritchard speaking at a press conference today where he confirmed both patients remained in a critical condition  This section lists allies who each appear in only. A former double agent is fighting for his life alongside his daughter after apparently being in an assassination attempt in the Skripal's journey took him from the secretive world of intelligence to a quiet English cathedral city via a prisoner swap on the tarmac at Vienna the way he spied for Britain's MI6 agency was jailed for high treason in Moscow and was involved in the deal to free "glamour " Anna is Sergei Skripal?Skripal 66 is a former colonel in military intelligence who was arrested in 2004 in Moscow after it was found he had been working as a double agent for the was accused of passing on identities of Russia's spies onto the UK's Secret Intelligence Service MI6 in return for $US100,000. Luzan says Mr Skripal was responsible for disclosing to MI6 the names of around 300 GRU staff members and other 'agents' including those working abroad. The Millennium Hotel in Mayfair where he is said to have been In a statement to mark the 10th anniversary of his death Marina Litvinenko said her husband - who she called Sasha - had been an 'extraordinary man' whose courage in speaking out against the security service the FSB had left an enduring she acknowledged Mr Putin had refused to accept the inquiry's findings she said it remained open for other world leaders to take action against the state and that she hoped her struggle to find the truth had not been in vain.'It has taken 10 long years for the truth to be established and for Sasha's dying words that President Putin was responsible for his death to be proved to be true,'. In The Who Loved Me after being briefed on his forthcoming mission to Egypt holds a private discussion with Gray to whom he refers as "Freddie" It is never revealed how they know each other well enough for to be so informal In the next few films calls Gray "Minister," since most of their scenes include other officials It is also suggested that he belongs to no particular political party; direct references are made to Margaret Thatcher in For Your Eyes Only even though he had also held the post in The Who Loved Me and Moonraker – which were both made during the government led by James Callaghan. Sergei Skripal 66 (left in 2006) and his daughter Yulia 33 (right) are critically ill in hospital after being exposed to an unknown substance Freya Church 27 who spotted the pair 'slumped' and 'passed out' on the bench told the Press Association the couple in the CCTV images were '100%' the people she saw on Sunday Thunderball: Major François Derval (played by Paul Stassino) Foreign Secretary (played by Roland Culver) Sir John (played by Edward Underdown) Kenniston (played by Reginald Beckwith) Ladislav Kutze (played by George Pravda) Group Captain Pritchard (played by Leonard Sachs) Casino Royale (1967 version): Head of terrorism policing Mark Rowley has revealed it has taken over investigations into an unknown substance which has left a former double agent and his daughter fighting for their a statement the Metropolitan Police where the Counter Terrorism unit is based said: 'Due to the unusual circumstances it has been decided that the Counter Terrorism Policing network will lead the investigation as it has the specialist expertise to do so.'It has not been declared a terrorist incident and at this stage we are keeping an open mind as to what happened.'Head of Counter Terrorism Policing Mark Rowley said: 'Working alongside Wiltshire police and partner agencies we are carrying out extensive inquiries today.'The focus at this time is to establish what has caused these people to become critically ill. Mr Skripal retired from military intelligence often known by its -language acronym GRU He went on to work at the Foreign Ministry. In 1965 Amis wrote the authorised spin-off The Book of or Every Man His Own 007 a tongue-in-cheek guide to being a The book is not credited to Amis but rather to Lt Col William "Bill" Tanner. The most high-profile of the group was red-haired New York socialite Anna Chapman.A diplomat's daughter formally known as Anna Kushenko Chapman once worked at Barclay's bank and gained a British passport after marrying a British phrases "flame-haired" " " "sexy " and "femme fatale" were liberally applied by the Russia wanted Chapman and the rest of the Illegals in a prisoner swap reminiscent of the Cold War Chapman and the rest of the Illegals were swapped for four double agents being held by the s — including president Dmitry Medvedev pardoned Skripal in exchange for the 10 spies were exchanged on the tarmac at Vienna returning spies were greeted as heroes in Moscow while Skripal was cast as a traitor. Kier Pritchard addressed reporters today at a press conference outside Wiltshire Police Headquarters in Devizes Some of these military intelligence assets were 'secretly arrested' and others 'vanished' he Luzan referred to Mr Skripal in a 2014 interview as 'this b*****d - I'm not scared to use this word'.'Just imagine what muck this man did to other people - due to his treachery.'There has been no official confirmation of the 300 figure from. Mr Skripal was jailed in Moscow for selling secrets more than a decade ago - but had set up home in the south of England after a Cold War-style ' swap' with agents including Anna a relative of Mr Skripal has said he knew he would not escape his past that easily and told BBC Russia: 'From the first day he knew it would end badly and that he would not be. Mark Medhurst 43 said the former drove a BMW and kept the house lights off adding: 'He lived there with his son and a younger dark-haired 'Another neighbour James Puttock 47 said that he didn't think Skripal looked like a but could tell that he was and that he. The former intelligence officer now believed to be 66 was convicted of 'high treason in the form of espionage' for his crimes. Police today sealed off the restaurant in relation to the suspected poisoning of a former Alexander Perepilichnyy collapsed while jogging outside his £3million mansion in Weybridge Surrey in November 2012A radiation expert who investigated the 'assassination' of Alexander Litvinenko was found dead in a mysterious suicide five months after a trip to w Puncher 46 bled to death at his home from multiple stab wounds inflicted by two knives in his home in Drayton Oxfordshire in May 2016.A pathologist said he could not 'exclude' the possibility that someone else was involved in the death - but concluded the injuries were self-inflicted May Maxwell is 's loyal and elderly Scottish housekeeper who is often mentioned in Ian Fleming's novels She also appears in several John Gardner novels as well making a cameo appearance in the first Young James novel SilverFin She has yet to make an appearance in any of the films May is named after the housekeeper of Ivar Bryce a friend of Fleming.

M is a Rear Admiral of Royal Navy and the head of the Secret Intelligence Service Fleming based the character on a number of people he knew who commanded sections of British intelligence M has appeared in the novels by Fleming and seven continuation authors as well as 24 films M has been portrayed by Bernard Lee Robert Brown Judi Dench Ralph Fiennes John Huston and Edward Fox. View comments ('bundle' function(){ ('top'); }); A double agent thought to have been in a British town centre knew 'he would not be left alone' after getting out of Russia in a dramatic '-swap' one of his relatives has Skripal - who was previously caught by authorities passing secrets to MI6 - and his daughter Yulia both remain in a critical condition after they were exposed to an 'unknown substance' in Salisbury on Sunday.